Regional Natural Park of Porto Venere and the Cinque Terre


The Regional Natural Park of Portovenere extends as a western extension of the Gulf of La Spezia, which includes the headland of Porto Venere, the islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto and the Marine Protection AreaThe various Mediterranean species distributed westwards, reaching their north-western limit of distribution at these coasts, increase the overall prestige of the floral ecosystem.

The Territory maintains a strong natural character to the present days and is covered with flourishing Mediterranean scrub as a sign of its constant dynamism in the different microclimates: ranging from a situation of scrubland to one of scrub with multiple aspects, as well as Holm oak and pine forests of Aleppo pine mixed with maritime pine and other oak trees (Cerro and Roverella).  

Le Grazie is a small fishing village close to Porto Venere where is the archaeological site of the Villa Romana del Varignano, the sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie, the village of Fezzano and the San Giovanni Battista church built in 1740. The port is placed in a favorable geographical position.The village of Le Grazie has ancient origins and its historical part is built around the Church of Our Lady of Le Grazie, patron saint of the village.   In the old part of Varignano are the remnants of the Roman Villa of Varignano, built in the first half of the 1st Century B.C.. The villa is surrounded by olive trees, and at the time, as it was situated right on the water, it was an ideal place to moor and shelter. This archeological site can now be visited.

The Cinque Terre (5 Lands) , awarded by UNESCO the title of World Patrimony of Mankind, are a National Park and Protected Marine Environment. The Cinque Terre comprise the coastal area from Punta Mesco up to Portovenere. It is a strip of land and rocks about 15 km long and 3/4 km large rising steeply from the sea towards the mountains.

In the ridges of the mountains dropping down to the sea, the five small villages of the Cinque Terre have crouched among the several inlets of its spur and day after day Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso then grew. Thanks to an age-long isolation, deriving from the difficulty of communications, we today enjoy the preserved beauty and charme of a virgin landscape. The typical orographic traits have survived intact over the centuries thanks to the well balanced and unchanged relationship between nature and man’s work. Stimulated by the need of making these areas agriculturally exploitable, the inhabitants have created a system of low dry-walls (over 7000 km) allowing even today the vineyards cultivation. These terraces, called "i cian" give this area its very peculiar and original look. The harsh asperity of the territory blends harmoniously with the man made terraces characterising the coast.

Portofino is famous all over the world: the very name evokes images of all things beautiful, elegant and exclusive.The lovely landscape, mild climate, and ongoing pursuit of quality make this one of the most sought-after destinations in the world.   Since 1987 Consorzio Portofino Coast has been representing the great heritage of this area, made up not only of natural beauty but also of history, tradition, culture, professionalism, and enthusiasm for innovation.


Many restaurants are small, a reservation is highly recommended

     (*) the owner is our friend

RESTAURANTS in LeGrazie (There are 4 recommended restaurants in the village , all located within 200 meters from the boat)

(**) Ristorante IL GAMBERO Via Libertà 123, Le Grazie (SP)0187 790325
Ristorante DA PIETRO IL PALOMBAROVia Libertà 143, Le Grazie (SP)0187 790019
TRATTORIA NARDINIVia Libertà 69/r, Le Grazie (SP)0187 790006
Ristorante PIZZERIA LA MARINARAPiazza Libertà 1, Le Grazie (SP)0187 79007

BARs  - There are 4 BARs and 2 takeaway pizzeria just in front of the boatWiFi free service is available in the closest two ones.

RESTAURANTS in Portovenere

All restaurant are reachable by a short walk – 30 minutes- or by local bus.
Our suggestion is indicated by (*)


Via Cavour 4 - Isola Palmaria

This restaurant, located in Palmaria island in front of Portovenere provides a boat free service from Portovenere Port and is highly recommanded.

0187 792370
(*) PIZZERIA LA LUCCIOLA Via Olivo 101, Portovenere (SP)
0187 790145
PIZZERIA LA PIZZACCIAVia Capelini 94/98, Portovenere (SP)
0187 792722
PIZZERIA LA TAVERNETTAPiazza Bastreri 22, Portovenere (SP) 
0187 790692
RISTORANTE AL CONVENTOVia Garibaldi 5, Portovenere (SP) 
0187 792610
RISTORANTE BELVEDEREVia Garibaldi 26, Portovenere (SP)
0187 790608
(*) RISTORANTE DEL PESCATOREVia Olivo 33, Portovenere (SP)
0187 798015
RISTORANTE ELETTRACalata Doria 42, Portovenere (SP) 
0187 792215
RISTORANTE IL TIMONEVia Dell' Olivo 27/29,Portovenere (SP) 0187 790625
RISTORANTE LA BAIAVia Lungomare Est 111, Portovenere (SP) 
0187 790797
RISTORANTE LA CHIGLIAVia Dell'olivo 317, Portovenere (SP) 
0187 792179
RISTORANTE LA MEDUSAVia Capellini 74, 19025 Portovenere (SP)
0187 790603
RISTORANTE LA TAVERNA DI VENEREVia Calata Doria 20, Portovenere (SP) 
0187 792727
RISTORANTE MIRAMAREVia Calata Doria 66, Portovenere (SP) 
0187 790630
RISTORANTE TAVERNA DEL CORSAROVia Calata Doria 102, Portovenere (SP)
0187 790622
(**) RISTORANTE TRE TORRIPiazza Bastreri 9/a, Portovenere (SP) 
0187 790477
0187 790686
TRATTORIA DA DORINDO Via Dell' Olivo 253, 19025 Portovenere (SP) 
0187 777705
TRATTORIA DA ISEOVia Calata Doria 9, Portovenere (SP) 0187 790610
TRATTORIA DELLA MARINAPiazza Marina, 6, Portovenere (SP) 0187 790686

Via Battisti 104, Portovenere (SP)

0187 791711


All the following services are located in the village at a distance of less than 200 mt. from the boat.

DIVINGthere are 2 Diving available in the Area - see link -
RENT OF TENDERSavailable on the promenade nearby the Yacht
SUPERMARKETthe supermarket is located 40mt from the Yacht
FOOD AND WINE SHOPS  there are 5 food and wine shops within 100mt from the Yacht
PHARMACY n.2 Pharmacy available in portovenere and LeGrazie)
POST OFFICEat the end of the village)
TOBACCONIST and BOOKSHOP in the promenade
BARBERSHOP AND HAIRDRESSERn. 3 available in the village
BANK with ATMin the promenade)